Big resources

In the specialised world of large format, any technology is only ever going to be as good as the people who drive it.

Magnify Media is big in both areas.

The heart of our operation lies with our use of unsurpassed HP technology, a crucial investment that has proven time and time again to provide greater control and flexibility in colour matching from one machine to another.

With all machines sharing the same engineering ingenuity, all indoor and outdoor applications, no matter the size, the application or print run, are treated to the most advanced production and finish available on the market today.



The environment. Another biggie.

Magnify Media has partnered with Corex Plastics who have created and operates a national recycling program designed for the cradle to cradle life cycle management of Corflute® and Fluteboard® products.

Over time this program has been expanded to include other solid sheet products such as synthetic polypropylene (PP) sheet, solid sheet PP and also solid sheet High Density and High Molecular Weight HDPE.

All of these materials are collected and returned to Corex to be recycled into new products.

Environmental Facts

5 tons of PP or HDPE recycled relates to:

  • Landfill Saved = 9m3
  • CO2 Saved = 3 tons
  • Energy Saved = 211 Gigajoules
  • Households powered for 1 year = 10 Houses
  • Cars permanently removed from the road = 1
*Data source: Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW