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Quality, magnified

Working in such large formats means there's absolutely no place to hide shoddy workmanship. At Magnify Media, nothing but the most precise quality control is accepted, at each and every stage of the game.

We source the highest quality stock at the most affordable prices. We utilise an advanced pre-press checking procedure that ensures all specifications are exact, colour management and conversions are correct and resolution quality is as true to life as it can be.

We assign every project its own personal taskmaster who governs and controls each part of the process and ensures file integrity is never compromised. Think of it as attention to detail magnified, an unprecedented 100% quality control guarantee.

Speed machines

Our stable of big guns include:

  • 2 x HP Scitex FB7500 High-speed UV flatbed digital presses

  • 2 x HP TJ8600 Turbo-jet high-speed UV printer with fully automated inline trimming unit

  • HP FB500 and HP FB700 roll-to-roll flatbed printers

  • 4 x HP Designjets

And for the big finish

It's not just where you start, it's where you finish.

Our finishing touches include laser and forme cutting, laminating and mounting.

We have a state-of-the-art Aristo high-speed precision cutter with fully automated loading & unloading table to enable quick and reliable finishing of your prints to any shape and size.

We also have a 2.3m wide Josting guillotine to facilitate any other trimming needs.