How we grew big

Large format digital print is not for the faint of heart or fly-by-nighters. It's a specialist skill that takes more than just high-tech machines to master. The experience of the Magnify Media team expands more than 20 years. You could say we've been living and breathing large format digital print since it began.

From somewhat humble beginnings in 2001, we now occupy a far larger space on the digital print landscape, both literally and figuratively. Over 30 creative and printing specialists, each with pre-media and graphic arts skills pumping through their veins, have magnified our skills-set to make us one of Melbourne's most sought-after large format print companies.

We're justifiably proud of our reputation and our premises. And our doors are always open.


We're big on every little thing

It's always the little things that make the biggest difference. Little things like personal, one-to-one communication and contact that is paramount to your success and ours.

Clients have their own project manager, someone to guide them through the process and ensure every little thing runs to plan. And we don't just talk to our clients, we listen. We ask questions and provide answers based on your unique challenges and goals. If there's a better, faster, more cost effective way to do something, we'll find it for you.

It's a big promise - guaranteed.

We're in the express lane 24/7

Our central and accessible location in Richmond is of enormous benefit to the speed with which we can deliver to market.

Our clients can more easily approve projects on-site, greatly reducing turnaround time. And because we operate day, night and weekend shifts, our delivery performance is second-to-none.

Equally as fast moving and crucial to success, is technology. We make it our job to keep you up to speed with any developments that may benefit you.